SANDELL Consulting

A Financial and Management Consulting Firm

“In The Business World, The Rear View Mirror Is Always Clearer than the Windshield.” - Warren Buffet

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SANDELL Consulting is a financial, business strategy and management consulting firm established in 1986.  It is dedicated to providing high quality multi-level consulting and advisory services to management and/or owners of large or medium sized companies.  The objective is to facilitate highly profitable results while creating and managing enterprise value for our clients. The firm services the following industries: Financial Services including Banking, Real Estate and Insurance; Healthcare/Medical, Technology/High-tech, Automotive/Financing/Leasing and Manufacturing.


We offer clients seasoned judgment and perspective-based strategies drawing from our many years of experience operating and managing in various business cycles. We have particular expertise in strategic planning, financial services, high-tech concepts, clean technology alternatives and real estate services.




SANDELL Consulting’s philosophy is based on creating an optimal confluence of market, management, product / service and business growth for the client. The team focuses on building synergy between the following:


Market - Identifying strong existing or future opportunities that the client can address and capitalize on either domestically or internationally.


Management -  Aiding management to set high standards and promote a team that is balanced and ethical with an excellent track record and which can demonstrate a realistic vision of the state of the business and future positioning.


Products / Service -  Presenting the product / service to provide high value to the target market through usefulness and appropriate price.


Business Growth -  Identifying opportunities leading to significant business growth relevant to the business model and concept.


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