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Deepika Kurl


Deepika Kurl brings more than 15 years of business experience in corporate finance, public accounting, financial services, senior management, strategic planning and marketing of financial concepts from her tenure in different international markets.


In addition to her SANDELL Consulting affiliation, she provides Senior Consultant services in public accounting and taxation and has been a Credit analyst, Financial Manager, Tax Consultant and Corporate Controller in both the U.S. and abroad. Earlier, she worked at Orix Corporation where she was instrumental in establishing and developing an independent branch in the Northern region of India. She then successfully designed and developed the Orix northern business operations and led financial marketing campaigns there.


As the corporate Controller at Sport Leasing, Ms.  Kurl established a new accounting system, streamlined the financial, reporting processes and significantly increased the overall efficiency of operations of the company. Her rich experience in a variety of roles and knowledge of leasing and finance industries provides an advantage in areas of legal issues, compliance reporting, operations, and tax matters. Her vast knowledge and research skills have contributed in eliminating expenses and provided cost reduction savings for the companies where she has served.


Ms. Kurl holds an MBA from Institute of Management Development in India, and an MS in Business Communications from California State University. She is a Certified Finance professional certified as Management Account (CMA) and as Financial Manager (CFM) from the Institute of Certified Management Accountants in the U.S.

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