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Robert A. Moody


Mr. Moody specializes in planning and managing large-scale corporate projects, primarily focusing on new ventures and organization transformations.  He has served a variety of industries, including Public Utilities, Heavy Industrial corporations, Health care organizations, Insurance companies, and various Government agencies.  Mr. Moody is a strong advocate of rigorous metrics and project controls.  By connecting all phases of program and project planning to the fundamental business strategy, risks and choices can be assessed in tangible terms, eliminating many of the assumptions and guesses that cause projects to fail to meet expectations.  Mr. Moody has served several Fortune 100 firms in their efforts to optimize internal processes and deploy large-scale business transformations.


Past projects have included:

· Created a project plan and pro-forma financial model for a divisional spin-off of a large public utility.

· Created business plans and financial models for various new ventures for a large engineering/construction firm.  This effort included working with various teams on idea generation, selection, and business strategy formation.  

· Managed or supported various outsourcing placements, including an IT data center placement, a spin-off, and others.  Led or supported various sourcing engagements, from planning through final deployment.

· Led various cost-reduction engagements, from initial planning through final cost recovery assessment.

· Created several business plans and financial models for Internet-based subsidiaries for several large corporations including pharmaceutical firms, a sporting goods manufacturer, a large software company, and others.  

· Assisted a large healthcare provider in optimizing its IT support organization.  This included developing and deploying project management disciplines, developing an initial service catalog, restructuring the organization, developing an Activity-based costing mechanism, and supporting the development of standard operating procedures.


In the early 1980’s, Mr. Moody was a founding partner of SMS corporation, one of the first specialists in transitional IT outsourcing.  He subsequently served in both the corporate strategic consultancy and the Business Technology practices of McKinsey & Company.  Later, as a managing director of Strause, Mesic & Company, Mr. Moody served clients small and large in their efforts to deploy rigorous quantitative metrics and disciplined process controls to their most difficult problem areas, leading the charge as a change advocate in the most static and encumbered bureaucratic environments.


Mr. Moody’s engagement client portfolio includes Edison International, Fluor Corporation, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, Allianz (and subsidiaries), Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and numerous other corporate clients, large and small.  In the public sector he has served various school districts and departments of education, colleges and universities, and police departments.  


Mr. Moody holds a BA in Computer Science from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and an MBA with emphasis in Entrepreneurial management, Strategic Management and Finance from the University of Chicago.

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